How to do keyword research for blog (Beginner's guide) in 2021

 How to do keyword research for blog (Beginner's guide) in 2021:-

Do you want to learn How to do keyword research for blog? keyword research is the basic strategy of SEO and it is the foundation of SEO. Keyword research is very important for the SEO

If you are writing and content without keyword research then you are shooting in the dark so always do keyword research before writing your content if you are not doing keyword research then you can't rank your site on Google and another search engine.

Keyword research is the first thing that you should learn when you want to grow your business or blog using search engine optimization.

How to do keyword research for blog

This guide is for beginners who want to learn the basic fundamental of SEO keyword research so read this full information to learn How to do keyword research for blog?

Today we will talk about:-

1. What is Keyword Research?

2. Why keyword Research is important?

3. How to do keyword research for blog?

Firstly, we will learn what is Keyword Research?

Before reading, what is keyword research we would learn what are keywords?

Keywords are the "Phrases and questions" that's people search on search engines.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process of "finding the keywords" that gets the targeted traffic to your website.

Let I simplify that:

When we look for solutions to any problems we go on Google's and any other search engines to find the solutions to our questions.

So whenever you search like, what is keyword research. And we expect the search engines to give the best solutions to your queries within the first page of the search that is also called a SERP "search engine result page".

keyword research helps us to find the queries and the phrases that the peoples search on the search engines.

And how many peoples search that particular keyword so we can target that particular keyword and drive the traffic.

In technical words, Keyword Research is the process to find the keyword or queries that asked by people and we can target that keyword and can get the traffic. And the process of optimizing the keywords in your content is called On-Page SEO.

I hope you got the definition of what is keyword research and now we will discuss the importance of keyword research.

Why Keyword Research is important?

 keyword research is very important because This is the only way to find out what peoples are searching for on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. you need to avoid this thing that creating content before doing keyword research. if you do this you will not get the traffic from the search engines and many website owners and bloggers do the same mistake and that's the reason they don't get the traffic on their website.

Keyword research also helps you to find out this thing:-

  1. How hard it will be to rank on this keyword.
  2. How much traffic I will get if I optimize my content for this keyword.
  3. What kind of content you should create if you want to rank on this keyword.

How to do keyword research for blog?

If you are a beginner and want to rank your website in the search engine then you should do this when you do keyword research?

1. Select a keyword whose volume is decent. Not select the keyword whose search volume is very high if you are a beginner.
2. Select a low competition keyword where you can rank easily.

There are two ways to find out the best keyword, one is free and another is paid. In the paid method, you can use Ahref and SEMRUSH keyword research tool. These are the best keyword research tool that you can use. These tools are very costly if you buy these tools on his official website. But you can buy these tools at the very cheapest price from the toolszen.

Toolszen is a group buy SEO tool website from where you can buy these tools at the cheapest price. Check out the toolszen.

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How to do keyword research for blog:-

Keyword research with the help of ahref:-

If you use the ahref or semrush keyword research tool then you can find the keyword fastly. You can do keyword research manually and for free and we will discuss both in this article.
Firstly, we will do keyword research with the help of ahref. You can check competitors, backlinks of any domain with the help of ahref and semrush but this is not our today topic.

1. Open ahref and select keyword explorer, and enter your keyword.

2. Now you can see the search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC of that keyword. the difficulty of this keyword is very high so we will not select this keyword. We will select another keyword whose keyword difficulty is less so we can rank. You can see the overview of that keyword.

3. Select phrase match to see more keywords and you can choose any of them. phrase match means you search what is keyword research so it will show that keyword in which what is keyword research is included.
you can analyze your competitor with the help of ahref and you can also check which website is ranking on a particular keyword. So these keyword research tools are very helpful in keyword research.

Like this, you can research any keyword and select your focus keyword. After selected your focus keyword, also choose relevant keywords so your website can rank on multiple keywords. Now we will discuss How to do keyword research for a blog for free.

How to do keyword research for blog for free:-

You can also do keyword research for free as I told you before. So let's see how can we do keyword research for free.

There are many free keyword research tools for free like ubersuggest, google keyword planner, and you can use extension also.
If you want to use ubersuggest then you can do as I told in ahref. Signup with ubersuggest and put your keyword and select country and search.
You can find many keyword ideas. But from ubersuggest, you can take an idea. The ubersuggest or any free keyword research tool don't give exact detail of any keywords.

How to do keyword research for free with the help of Google keyword planner:

1. First open Google chrome, Type keyword in google, and google search engine will show you suggestions related to your keyword.
For example, I want to write content on How to do keyword research for a blog, So I will type this keyword in search and google will show me relevant suggestions.
You can select any of them that suits you for your content.

See which type of websites are ranking. If there are ranking old and very popular website. No target that keyword because it's very difficult to rank on that keyword.
Do the research and find a keyword whose competition is low and the low authority websites are ranking there. then you can select that keyword for your content.
One another way to check this keyword is competitive or not. For this check on that keyword, any forum(Quora, Medium, Tumblr, etc.) website or Pinterest, youtube videos are ranking on that particular keywords then you can target that keyword.

Now you can target this keyword as a focus keyword and select all its relevant keywords and use all keywords in your content.

Some question and answer:-

Ques 1:- How do I find keywords for a blog post?

You can do keyword research with the help of ahref or semrush or you can do keyword research for free with the help of ubersuggest, Google keyword planner as I told you above.

Ques 2:- Which is the best keyword research tool?

Ahref and SEMRUSH are the two best tools for keyword research.

Ques 3:- How do I check the traffic for keywords?

You can use google keyword planner to check the traffic for any keyword google keyword planner gives you the estimated search volume of any keyword or you can also use ahref.

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I hope this content will be helpful to you. Today In this blog post I have told you How to do keyword research for blog.  So if you have any queries regarding this you can comment. Please share this post. Thank you for reading our blog.

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